Hey! I’m Morgan, wife to Tim and mama to Liam and Gabe. My family and I are currently residing in Northern Virgina,  in a two bedroom apartment, where you can find me adjusting to married life, motherhood, and two babes under two!

I am an Interior Decorator turned Stay at Home Mama/Etsy Shop Owner/Nursery Bedding Maker. I love every minute staying home with my little one (…aside from certain moments that make me want to pull my hair out!), and designing and creating baby bedding is just an added bonus!

It has been a whirlwind of a two year marriage, with lots of new experiences. We moved north (away from my family for the first time), had a baby 10 months later, and 9 months after that found out we’re adding another little one to our soon to be posse in a few months! To say the last two years has been a whirlwind is probably an understatement, but it has been the biggest blessing I have ever been given. I am so grateful not only that God has blessed me with one of the greatest men as a husband, but that he is placing these two little souls in my hands to guide along in this life.

The main focus of this blog will be Nursery Design. I’m going back a little into my Interior Decorating past and bringing you some beautiful nurseries, to hopefully inspire you and help you find items for your own little one. I pray this blog will be a source of joy for some, as they follow along on my journey of motherhood, and a sense of peace for others to find items they love for the little one they love with all their heart.